Our objectives will be achieved through activities such as workshops, networking, sharing of resources, peer-to-peer communications, international partnerships, research agenda development, and promotion and dissemination activities. Digital artifacts such as computational models, experimental data and learning materials will be gathered and shared through this science portal. A diverse, core group of junior faculty and graduate students will be engaged, while senior and mid-career faculty will also be invited to participate and share expertise. By breaking down the existing technical and cultural barriers that have limited the expansion of hybrid simulation methods, this broader body of researchers will be prepared to solve societal grand challenge problems related to extreme events.


New Frontiers and Innovative Methods for Hybrid Simulation
Experimental Techniques
Co-led by: S.J. Dyke, O.S. Bursi, and B. Stojadinovic

Recent Advances and Applications on Hybrid Simulation
Frontiers in Built Environment
Co-led by: Wei Song, Chia-Ming Chang, and Vasilis K Dertimanis

Hybrid Simulation for Multi-Hazard Engineering
International Journal of Lifecycle Performance Engineering
Co-led by: Brian Phillips, Wei Song, and Shirley Dyke

Benchmark Control Problem for RTHS
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
Co-led by: Shirley Dyke and Bill Spencer

  • 3-min Thesis Video competition winners:
Name Category
Shaopeng Li Technical
Claudio Sepulveda Creativity
Cristobal Galmez Presentation
Xuguang Wang Technical
Pedram Mortazavi Novelty
Zheng Huan, Chen Dandan, Zhou Tiannan, Shi Xueying Unique aplication
Jaehong Shim Balanced
Elif Ecem Bas Novelty
Moniruzzaman Moni Creativity
Amirali Najafi Presentation










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Nikolaos Tsokanas
Hezha Sadraddin
Ramla Qureshi






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